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Charity Events Hire

Rascals Castles (Southampton) Limited are a provider of bouncy castles and inflatables in the Southampton and South Hampshire areas. We receive ​many requests from charities and fundraisers (often more than 1 every day of the week) with requests for free or discounted bouncy castles or inflatables etc. Obviously, if we supported every charity that contacted us asking for a free bouncy castle or inflatable, we would very soon go out of business due to the costs we incur (such as wages, insurance, storage, fuel, testing and much more) so unfortunately it's not economically viable for us to help every charity. Every year we support many local charities, schools and good causes that we feel deserve our help or are close to our hearts. We carefully select these with the help of our children and our colleagues. We would love to help all charity requests, but unfortunately there is just no way that we can help everyone as we have so many bills to pay to cover operational running costs. During our peak season we are unable to consider any requests for free equipment (between 1st May and 1st October), but we may be able to offer you a discount. Please refrain from calling us and putting us on the spot - it makes us feel bad when we have to say no.

Sorry if this makes us seem like misers, but we are a family run business and are running the business to earn a living and to provide for our young children. If we were to supply free bouncy castles to all the requests we receive we wouldn't have any inflatables left for paying customers and the paying customers are what pay the bills.

We wish you all the best of luck in raising money for all of your good causes and offer you a 10% discount code for charity use only.

DISCOUNT CODE: This discount code will discount your order by 10% and is for use for charity fund raising events only.
You must make reference to Rascals Castles in your publicity and supply us with a letter/email from your chosen charity on headed paper confirming money raised at your event will be donated to charity. Discount will be removed from your order if we do not receive the confirmation letter from your charity.
Enter discount code CHARITY10 on the booking form.