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Rascals Bouncy Children's Disco Parties Southampton

Rascals Castles can supply party music and discos for children's and toddler birthday parties or events in the Hedge End, Eastleigh, Southampton, Winchester, Fareham and surrounding areas of South Hampshire.

For more information please click here: https://www.rascalscastles.co.uk/category/disco-and-party-music

Some of the games that could be played during a Rascals Castles Disco Party could be:

Name Game

This is a great game to use as an "ice breaker". The children sit in a circle. They clap their hands three times. Then one at a time they call out 'My name's ......' and they add their name. The game carries on with three more claps followed by a child saying 'my names ......' The order they call out their names can be determined by either - taking it in turns, going around the circle or to make it a little more difficult by having the child who is saying their name deciding which child should go next by looking at them. To keep it exciting you can quicken the rhythm by clapping faster, the children will respond by speeding up.

Sleeping Lions

Get all the children to lie on the floor and pretend to be asleep. They must stay completely still, and not move or make a noise. Walk in between the children as the 'hunter' and (without touching them) tell jokes, pull funny faces or make noises to try and make the children laugh or move. If you spot a moving lion, tap that child and they then get up and become a hunter. The winner of the game is the last child 'asleep' on the floor.

Musical Bumps

The children must dance to the music and then when the music stops they sit down on the floor as fast as they can. The last one to sit down is out. To make this game a little bit more fun you can play about with the music. Trick them into sitting down by lowering the volume of the music instead of turning it off. Explain that if they sit down when the music is not properly switched off they will be out. Very handy when you're finding it difficult to judge who was last out! You can get a good few of them at once. When the children are out they can then help with judging

Duck Duck Goose

Follow My Leader

This children's party game can be played just for fun as a 'Get Silly' time or you can eliminate players if they are not following correctly. The rules are quite simple. The children get in a straight line behind the 'Leader'. The music plays and each child must copy whatever the 'Leader' does.