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Site Visit

Site Visits

Site visits are not usually required, this is because the measurements ​of all our bouncy castles and inflatables can be found on our website and via the FAQ pages.

If you are not confident using a tape measure or you are unsure if the location that you plan to use the equipment in is suitable, then Rascals Castles can arrange for a site visit to measure your garden or venue to ensure the location where you would like to use the equipment is suitable.

You can also send us photos of your garden or the location that you plan to setup the bouncy castles or equipment via iMessage, WhatsApp or via email, but we can not always guarantee site suitability via photos.

Before we arrive you must ensure the we can easily access the area that you would like to place the equipment and that it is suitable for the equipment booked with Rascals Castles. Please ensure you are aware of the maximum age restrictions of this equipment. Unfortunately (due to health and safety and insurance reasons) we are unable to setup any of our equipment under trees, on an area that has recently had a bonfire, areas that have lots of stones on the surface, or an area of land that is very dusty/muddy or has very long grass. The area MUST be cleared of all loose stone chippings, animal mess, grass cuttings, tree trimmings, twigs or any other sharp objects that could possibly cause damage to the equipment or injury to the users of the equipment. The ideal location is short, raked grass, or if your booking is on a hard surface then it must be swept over before we arrive. If you think your delivery location might be difficult for our delivery team (and your guests) to find, then we recommend tying some balloons outside, close to the road to make it easier for all to find. We request that you keep any driveway / side passage way / access way clear for our delivery team to allow easy access. If your event is in a venue please ensure that any car park height restriction barriers are removed to allow our delivery vans through. Please plan where you want the equipment to be located before we arrive as once the equipment is setup by our delivery team, it can not be moved.
We deliver our inflatables in long wheel base, high top vans and so will need good access, please bare this in mind when erecting bunting for street parties or when booking a venue that has a height restriction barrier in the car park,
Price: From £20
Suitable for: Adults & Children