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Southampton Weather Forecast

Bouncy castles must NOT be used in very wet or windy weather conditions. The British Standard Health & Safety regulations BS EN14960 state that bouncy castles and inflatables must not be used in wind speeds greater ‚Äčthan force 5 on the Beaufort Scale (approx. 19mph). Force 5 is a fresh breeze (when leaves on small trees begin to sway), whereas force 6 is a strong breeze (when large branches are in motion). See bottom of page for explanation.

If he wind speeds and gusts forecast (We use BBC Weather, Met Office, XC Weather & MetroGroup) are in excess of ‚Äč20mph on the day of your event then we would not be unable to erect our equipment outside in the winds because e take the health and safety of our customers and our staff very seriously at Rascals Castles.

Have you thought about taking your event indoors to the local church hall, community centre or village hall? Take a look at some possible indoor venues here: https://www.rascalscastles.co.uk/pages/indoor-bouncy-castle-southampton-hall-hire#BodyContent

For the most up to date weather for the Southampton area take a look at SouthamptonWeather.co.uk This page is updated every 4 seconds!

Click here to see the Southampton BBC Weather Forecast

The Beaufort Scale

Beaufort number Wind speed Description Wave height Sea conditions Land conditions Sea state photo
km/h mph kts m/s m ft
0 <1 <1 <1 <0.3 Calm 0 0 Flat. Calm. Smoke rises vertically.
1 1-5 1-3 1-2 0.3-1.5 Light air 0.1 0.33 Ripples without crests. Wind motion visible in smoke.
2 6-11 3-7 3-6 1.5-3.3 Light breeze 0.2 0.66 Small wavelets. Crests of glassy appearance, not breaking Wind felt on exposed skin. Leaves rustle.
3 12-19 8-12 7-10 3.3-5.5 Gentle breeze 0.6 2 Large wavelets. Crests begin to break; scattered whitecaps Leaves and smaller twigs in constant motion.
4 20-28 13-17 11-15 5.5-8.0 Moderate breeze 1 3.3 Small waves. Dust and loose paper raised. Small branches begin to move.
5 29-38 18-24 16-20 8.0-10.8 Fresh breeze 2 6.6 Moderate (1.2 m) longer waves. Some foam and spray. Branches of a moderate size move. Small trees begin to sway.
6 39-49 25-30 21-26 10.8-13.9 Strong breeze 3 9.9 Large waves with foam crests and some spray. Large branches in motion. Whistling heard in overhead wires. Umbrella use becomes difficult. Empty plastic garbage cans tip over.

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