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NERF Shooting Range

Nerf Wars shooting range for hire in Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Hampshire & local areas.

Our NERF shooting range can be used outdoors, but we would recommend using this equipment indoors as windy weather during your outdoor event may blow the target balls.
The NERF shooting range comes complete with 2 NERF guns and ammo.
Ammo will be counted on delivery all ammo must be collected and returned to us on collection, where it will be counted again and charged at £0.50p per lost "bullet".

Please do not allow the NERF guns to be pointed at anything other than the targets to avoid injury.

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Original Price: From £75Special Offer: From £55
Suitable for: Adults & Children


Please ensure your guests aware of NERF gun safety rules.

Nerf darts / bullets are made of soft foam and ?pretty harmless. However, your eyes are very easily damaged, so please do not allow direct shots to the face.

To prevent misfires, don’t leave the NERF guns lying around loaded.

Keep your finger off the trigger and the gun pointed at the ground until ready to aim at ?the shooting range. No shooting people at any time.

Don’t look down the barrel even if you think it’s not loaded.

Don’t shoot at animals.